What is Rugged

The RUGGED brand covers a wide range of mobile equipment with high resistance to working conditions. The word "rugged" with the prefix is ​​used to determine the strength class.

Classification of mobile equipment in terms of strength

Ultra Rugged class

The solutions of the Ultra Rugged class are laptops, tablets or PDAs with the highest resistance to damage. The housing, commonly known as magnesium from light metal alloys and additional enclosures, protect the computer against damage. All ports and interfaces are protected by rubber plugs, the keypad is made of rubber and the fanless passive cooling ensures resistance to dust and water, meeting the IP65 tightness standard. All elements are adapted to work in a wide range of temperatures from extremely low: -20ºC, to very high temperatures: 60ºC. In this class, additional protection standards like Anti Fog, Anti-Fungus or TEMPEST are most commonly used. This category offers special extensions with additional modules, cards or, for example, military ports.

Fully Rugged Class

Fully Rugged equipment is a lower category solution than the Ultra Rugged models. Fan cooling is allowed (in a separate chamber), the most common is a plastic keyboard (sealed with IP65).


Semi Rugged notebooks are computers with reinforced design. They are protected against mechanical damage, flooding with water, but most often they do not guarantee greater resistance to dust and water. The working temperature of these solutions is similar to office equipment.